5 The most popular free WordPress themes

A List of the The Best Free WordPress Themes

In this scenario, users use WordPress for saving their code online, and then edit them as they want in the future. It’s been observed that many WordPress themes are completely free. WordPress themes have been designed specifically for specific uses by different designers across the globe.

When you are trying to find one of the desirable Free WordPress themes for graphic designers, photographers or craftsmen One of the most difficult tasks is locate a theme that will be strong in three categories. This can be a challenge for designers who choose to use free themes downloaded from the internet for their base, but they end having to discover that the themes they download don’t have the features they’re seeking because they don’t have satisfying customization choice available to them.

But, some designers stated that they’re fine with this because of the cost-free price tag that comes to these themes, and that they are able to deal with it. However, there have been enough arguments about whether or not it is advisable to choose these kinds of themes for your website. Some argue that if you need something affordable, it’s okay. However, others say that paying less for a lower quality product isn’t a good idea even.

If you’re going to make use of free themes, don’t scratch your head wondering if it’s logical to use one at all or not since, ultimately it’s depending on what you want and the amount you have allocated for it. Here are the five perfect WordPress themes that are free. WordPress themes designed for creatives that will definitely satisfy your requirements.

1) Astra

This is among the most sought-after themes of the present time due to the features that are included in this theme alone. It features a layout that can be used by anyone who is a graphic designer or digital artists that are setting up their portfolio on the internet to show their perfect work to potential customers.
Apart from the fact that the theme is extremely responsive and well-optimized to assure that you don’t face any issues when with it on various devices with different screen sizes, the accurate thing with this theme is the fact that there’s more than twelve features available in this theme.

In addition to being aware that Theme Junkie also offers The Rockstar The Rockstar, an amazing free WordPress theme designed for artists, they have also added portfolio templates within the theme. This means less time and effort spent on customizing other elements in order to concentrate more on what your site will appear at the end of the day.

2) OceanWP

Although it’s not a theme for artists, it is an excellent choice if you want a budget WordPress free theme that is minimal and simple in its layout. It’s evident that there no fancy features in the theme, however it’s a basic style that’s perfect for artists who want their audience to pay more attention to their work, instead of the elaborate designs displayed in front of them.

OceanWP provides a range of options, such as post types with extra filterable and infinite number of widgets and two blog layouts, social media integration as well as the ability to customize the design of pages.

The theme is compatible with three styles of post, so you can choose which best suits your needs. accurate suitable for your needs: quote or audio. If you’re in search of an easy and straightforward WordPress theme that’s offered for free and an ideal option to consider, then OceanWP is an possibility to add the list of top priorities.

3) Sydney

Sydney is a premium theme with an options panel integrated in WordPress’ WordPress customizer. It is possible to alter everything you’d like to see even in Free version. Header styles colors, fonts, colours, and typography can be easily modified. The style of the theme options screen is fantastictoo. It appears skillful and clean.

Free Sydney theme includes three state-specific sites to pick from, while the premium version has currently 17 sites. If one of these sites is appropriate for you, you’ll be going with Sydney fairly quickly.

If the default websites aren’t appropriate for you, then you have to modify them substantially or you prefer more of a premium look and feel, it is likely that you’ll have to upgrade to the premium version or you can use Elementor which makes the setup process more lengthy and more complex.

The design quality on the starter sites that come with the premium version is superb like you’d expect. They are comparable to what I’ve seen in premium themes available on the market.

One thing I’d like to say but I’d love to see more thought-through put into the blog’s pages. In certain styles, it’s evident how the home page has been given many time and effort put into it, but the blog’s pages are pretty boring and basic.

It is important to keep in mind that the professional versions utilize Elementor and you’ll have to be ready to use it if you wish to go with one of the professional designs.

There are pre-designed layouts for cafes, agencies applications, resumes, E-commerce, and more.

4) Neve

Neve is a light and speedy WordPress theme that is known for its speed and performance. It allows for easy installation with flexibility, as well as customization options. The core features, such as live customized layouts and customizers work for every user. However, the reliance to Gutenberg for layouts can restrict certain features. Regular updates help maintain security, although occasional glitches could impact performance.

  • The process of installing Neve is easy, especially for users who are familiar with WordPress.
  • The automatic registration of licenses for the Pro plugin is a feature that is user-friendly that reduces time and the chance of errors when entering manually.
  • The requirement of installing an more plugin to access the starter websites, although not terribly complex, is a further step.

Neve is an easy and user-friendly experience, and has some minor areas of improvement. The theme-plugin configuration, though somewhat more complex than a stand-alone theme provides flexibility and custom options that are advantageous to users.

5) GeneratePress

The theme is of excellent quality and made extremely fast and lightweight ! Support is excellent and quick to respond. I’ve been together GeneratePress’ free version GeneratePress for quite a while now I recently required benefit with a couple of features and CSS. Each time I’ve called the support team have been exceptional.

Although most companies will be quick to dismiss your request as being out of their realm however, the people behind GeneratePress have not just been willing to help as well, but they’ve also cleaned the floor of dirt compared to the help I’ve received from other people.

A few of the issues I’ve been asked about did not intended to benefit in the design, however they are were more about creating the ability to customize functions. Every time, resolutions have been made.

This review is based upon conversations I’ve had with range of people from the support team. I’d like me to offer a special mention of David (@diggeddy) whom has gone over and beyond to solve a problem I faced.

6) Storefront

The choice of using WooCommerce to create an online store is easy. It’s not just the most well-known eCommerce plugin available for WordPress but it’s also the most well-known eCommerce platform, running more online stores than any other platform.

Which WordPress theme should you choose to use to integrate WooCommerce? It’s a tough choice, and it takes longer since there are a myriad of WooCommerce-friendly, free and premium WordPress themes to pick from.

One design to think about one to consider is the WooCommerce Storefront. This is WooCommerce’s primary WordPress theme that was developed to complement the eCommerce WordPress plugin. The theme is available for download at no cost, but if you’re hoping to maximize your experience with Storefront it is recommended that you be required to purchase one of the premium extensions for Storefront’s plugin.

In this post, I’ll go over why so many people love Storefront and discuss the extensions to plugins available to increase functionality, and also give my view about Storefront’s child themes that are pre-made.

At the end of the day you’ll be more aware as to the possibility that Storefront is a suitable option for your WooCommerce-powered web store.

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